About us

Leeds Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) is a statutory body established under the Children Act 2004. It is independently chaired  and consists of senior representatives of all the principal agencies and organisations working together to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people in the City.

Its statutory objectives are to:

  • Co-ordinate local work undertaken by all agencies and individuals to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people.
  • Ensure the effectiveness of that work

The LSCB works closely with the Children’s Trust Board which is specifically accountable in Leeds for overseeing the development and delivery of the Children & Young People’s Plan.

Each Local Safeguarding Children Board has to produce and publish an Annual Report evaluating the effectiveness of safeguarding in the local area. The report is submitted to the Chief Executive and Leader of the Local Authority, reflecting that overall accountability for the safety and welfare of children and young people must be led by them.


What is the LSCB’s Vision?

Children and young people, their welfare, protection and the promotion of their best interests are at the heart of everything the LSCB does.

Our vision is for Leeds to be a child friendly city in which children and young people are safe from harm in their families, their communities and their neighbourhoods.


What values and principles support this vision?

We promote the following values in order to influence our behaviours jointly with the Children’s Trust Board

  • Celebrating diversity
  • Engaging citizens locally
  • Being open and honest
  • Working as a team for Leeds
  • Spending money wisely

We are as a Board:

  • Committed to putting the child / young person at the centre of all that we do
  • Focused on getting safeguarding right for children, young people and their families
  • Clear about what we expect of safeguarding services
  • Informed about how well protected children and young people are in Leeds
  • Open about what we do and why
  • Co-operative and collaborative with each other
  • Challenging of each other and of the safeguarding services each partner provides
  • Effective and providing value for money
  • Accountable to the people of Leeds for how we invest our resources
  • Accessible to and informed by children, young people and their families, the communities they live in, the staff in our organisations that serve them, and the priorities of the Children’s Trust
  • Learning from everything we do and changing as a result
  • Improving practice and outcomes for children and young people


What is the overall approach of the LSCB?

All our work is underpinned by an agreed set of approaches, shared with the Children’s Trust Board, so that we all work together to deliver improved outcomes for children and young people –

  • The child IS the client
  • Talking a common language
  • Using ‘outcomes based accountability’ to improve outcomes in each locality across Leeds
  • Doing things WITH children and families, not TO or FOR them
  • Doing the simple things better – never doing nothing
  • Supporting strong schools, settings, families and communities
  • Involving everyone who has a part to play – a whole city approach
  • Improving assessment and intervention
  • Targeting resources to make the biggest impact on our priorities