Think Family Work Family Practitioner Questionnaire

Leeds Safeguarding Children Board is seeking to find out from practitioners (someone providing front line work with children and families) their views on how agenies work together under the Think Family Work Family umbrella.  To "Think Family", is to consider all family members and their potential needs, to "Work Family" is to recognise and respond to all the needs of all family members in a holistic way, by communicating with other practitioners working with the family and coordinating your efforts for the best outcomes.

Your opinions and views will help give us an understanding of the quality and impact of services and how well they work together.  All answers given will be kept completely confidential and anonymous; you will not be identified with any responses that you give.

Results from the questionnaire will be analysed at a city wide level as well as agency level so that specific feedback can given to agencies.  The results will be available in the form of a report which will be available in March 2017.

The questionnaire should take no more than 10 minutes to complete.

If you require a paper copy of the questionnaire or need any further information then please contact Lydia Anchen (Quality Assurance Officer, LSCB)


Thank you for your help and time.

Do you predominantly work with children, adults or both?:

1. Have you heard of Think Family, Work Family (TFWF)?:

2. Do you recognise the TFWF logo above?:

3. Have you attended training on TFWF?:

If yes, was it through Leeds Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) or your own agency in house training?:

If no, do you feel training would be beneficial?:

4. Did the training equip you to deal with families where there is:

Substance Misuse:

Mental Health:

Learning Disabilities:

Domestic Abuse:

5. How confident do you feel about working with other agencies?:

6. Do you feel that you have a good working knowledge of services which can help you to support a family?:

9. Can you give an example of where you have seen TFWF working well?:

10. Can you give an example of where you have seen TFWF not working well?:

11. If you work with adults have you become more aware of the needs of the child?:

Have you signposted children and shared information with other agencies?:

12. If you work with children have you become more aware of the needs of the adult?:

Have you signposted adult family members to other services:

  Please enter the first and the last digit into the text box.